Ankara Dresses

Ankara fashion is culturally driven therefore it is most of the time worn as an informal attire. It is rarely made into an evening gown or a flowing gown because you will need fabrics like chiffon, silk or satin and ankara fabric is made of cotton.

Ankara Dresses For Different Body Type

Ankara fabric can be sewn into any kind of dress you desire. There are very many different types of dresses depending on the occasion and the time of day it is. A dress can be the blouse attached to the skirt or a straight one piece without the attachment. The length can be as short as the mid thigh or as long as the ankle area. It all depends on your creativity and your designer’s imagination. The style that will sooth you will also depend on the type of body that you have.

If you have a tall, slim slender body, it best to choose a dress that will give the illusion of curves. The best choice of style will be flared Dress with thight fitting at the waist. People with hourglass shape are called “figure 8”. this is a naturally well proportioned body shape and any dress style almost always look perfect.

Plus size ladies with large bust need not worry, there are ankara fabric designs that will give fuller coverage. The dress style you chose must have adequate support to the upper body and appropriate length to the lower part of the body to draw attention away from the bust.

5 Different Types of Ankara Dresses

ANKARA FABRICThe following are a few of the different types of dresses you can make with ankara fabric:

Ankara Maxi Dress: is a long dress that covers from neck line to the ankles. It is mostly comfortable because ankara fabric is made of cotton and allows for air movement to cool the body.

Ankara Strapless Dress: does not have shoulder strap for support. The top of the dress stays around the upper body by using internal corset with the tightness of the bodice to hold it in place so that it does not fall off.

Ankara Sun Dress: is sleeveless and collarless with straps over the shoulder. It is intended to be worn during the summer time when the weather is hot. It is considered a casual dress and most suitable for ankara fabric.

Ankara Shirt Dress: is a style that includes collar, front buttons and long sleeves. It is so called because it resembles a man’s shirt. Again ankara fabric is good for this style. It is usually lose and you can use a belt to define the waist.

Ankara Skirt and Blouse: the dress can be made into two pieces of top and bottom. The skirt can be long or short. Even it can be made into mini-skirt that is at the mid thigh.

Each type of dress can fit perfectly depending on the kind of shape your body is. You have to find out which dress style will look best on you. Different ankara dresses, color and designs fit each person differently.