Ankara Designs

The most popular fabrics in the world range in texture and design. Amongst some of these fabrics are adire, aso-oke, brocade, lace (in voile and satin), linen and of course Ankara. African Ankara fabric has a unique texture which can be made into any design or fashionable styles regardless of age. Century old designs can look just as fresh and new as designs created a year ago. The expense of Ankara clothing is determined largely by the quality of the fabric and how the design and patterns are accepted.

ANKARA FABRICEach Ankara designs reflect their personality. This emphasis on personality has been part of what has kept African clothing in popular circles for centuries. The key to longevity for Ankara designs and patterns is taking the old African fabrics and reinventing them for modern designs. Contemporary African styles can be seamlessly incorporated into the older traditional styles and made into something brand new and beautiful. Extra embroidery often increases the price of these styles, but it is well worth it to have the attention and top quality of the design.

Ankara designs in fashionable styles also range in price. Ankara fabric comes from all over the world now especially Europe and China.  They are taken to seamstresses or companies who specialize in the creation of traditional African designs to be sewn into different styles.. The shipping involved with getting a product to a certain part of the world will determine a significant portion of the price. Original designs also tend to cost more than facsimiles of other creations most especially those made locally. Ankara fashion styles should certainly reflect the originality of the wearer.